Bigly Trump

Of course Trump denies he said "bigly" .. the next day .. on Twitter .. with his followers parroting his lame alternative fact.

Note Melola Trump on the right looking rather glum.

What happened to that degree, Melola?

Maybe the university found out in retrospect, that you had plagiarized your "fashion dissertation" ... or you made it all up?

Oh What a Wicked Web we Weave

Trump likes to give the impression that he graduated from Wharton Business School, which is one of the world's most prestigious. In fact, he attended it for one semester on a student intake programme.  Trump did graduate from university in Pennsylvania, but it was Penn State. His degree is a BSc in Anthropology and Economics.

Trump has not published his educational transcript. He is not remembered by many, and never made the Dean's List.

Source: IQ is 125

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As was clear to see during the past weeks, Russia helped vilify Hillary with Trump's full support, or so the FBI think. It is called collusion and Trump and his goons are being investigated.

So Russia, led by Putin, effectively "own" the US President (IQ 120).

You have to laugh.

Ha Ha.


Trump's first day as Emperor

Trump spent his first day in office falling out with the media for daring to report real facts. He falsely accused journalists of inventing a rift between him and intelligence agencies and deliberately lying about the size of his inauguration crowd.

Trump of course ignored his own repeated tweets and public statements criticizing the intelligence community, a group he compared to Nazis just over a week ago. He also pontificated that everyone in the room voted for him.

In fact, the crowd at Trump's inauguration was littly, while Obama's was bigly. Moreover, Crowd Scientists suggest that the Women’s March in Washington had 3-times as many attendees as Trump’s Inauguration. So bigly again, but not for the Trump camp.


"Facts matter. The truth matters."

Psychology Today


Let's have a look at Donald Trump closely, and second-guess (a) his possible fondness for staying up late; and (2) a world governed by Trump and its possible demise.

This is called "Possible Worlds" and on every philosophy undergraduate course throughout. Have fun making your own up, and do not try for an "improbable world" as it makes no point whatsoever.

Ultra Violence

A young Donald Trump, then known as "Dim" (second from left) sits with his friends in a Milk Bar. Unfortunately he is not the protagonist, or interesting, or memorable.


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