Banned Worldwide .. on Youtube

Really! But I can still link to it. It was the Beatles soundtrack that got her banned across the globe. Probably.

Ed. Oh, so someone snitched.

Anyone else see a thwarted Caligula in the White House? And in the sneaky snitch?


The Cheek

The Presidential debate was approaching, and Trump pulled out a lovely trick from his dirty bag. He challenged Hillary Clinton to take a drugs test. Not only that, he implied that she must be on drugs, and he would be willing to take a test if she did. Of course, Trump knew Hillary would not dignify him with a response. Who takes a drugs test because someone with no evidence or authority, and known manipulator and liar demands it?

Anyone watching Trump during the Presidential run-in may well have noticed Trump's bursts of energy and animated movements. They may have noticed Trump in interviews after an event in the early hours get mean and sullen ... and tired.

Drug abuse is comparatively higher for people with Anti-social and Narcissistic personality disorders.