uTrump or Cryptocurrency against Donald Trump


You can  buy uTrump at Nova Exchange, where you will see  I have given a "giveaway" sell at just 100 sats of 70,000 UTRMP.

Considering that there is only 4 million in  existence,and no mining is possible, it seemed better than giving to random people with 5 BTC-Talk accounts (why do people  call it BCT Talk?)

I chose Nova over pursuing a Yobit listing as although listing is  about the same price,  I like Nova.

I have nothing against Yobit, though!!

It is yours for the taking. Link below.


What is uTrump?

This site is not an attempt at a joke on Donald Trump, as he is far from amusing. It is, of course, highly amusing, as I have written the text and posted the content.


  • uTrump: Cryptocurrency

Lots for free (see bottom of page). Twitter Campaign. N0 Pumps. No Dumps.

The site is not, moreover, a shallow and pathetic attempt to pump and dump uTrump or UTRMP, the cryptocurrency/altcoin, in order to make a few thousand dollars worth of bitcoin. I am a giver not a taker, and very sad to see the alarming rate of greed, treachery and dishonesty in some cryptocurrency circles.

Stick with uTrump, and when the Twitter campaign starts, put the boot in with me!


  • uTrump: Politics

A political novice. Foreign affairs ignoramus. Mentally unfit. National Socialism to benefit himself. 

uTrump (small "u") is serious political satire aimed at Donald Trump, the President of the USA. I do not care for Republicans, although Trump is not a Republican, and I do not especially regret that Hillary Clinton is not President.

My target is Trump, and the reasoning simple: He is potentially the most dangerous world-leader to date. His politics are disjointed and show a lack of understanding of simple concepts in economy, foreign affairs, job creation and law.

Trump peddles reactionary populism to those who exemplify ignorance and spiritual emptiness. Figures like Trump have appeared in fascist movements historically. Conspiracy and scapegoating employed by Trump makes "real" to deficient imaginations, a world that is simplistic and easy to understand. Trump wanted to be President,but appears to imagine the job is akin to Emperor. Along with many reliable sources, I predict a series of catastrophic events to unfold domestically and globally unless Trump is dealt with.

As a person he is clearly mentally ill, and there appears to be some consensus he suffers from a grade of anti-social personality disorder. It appears apparent to me that he lacks conscience, is unable to be truthful, and his only care is himself, and gaining recognition due to his imagined brilliance.

I suggest that Trump is trouble, will cause havoc as president, threaten international relations, cause recession or worse in countries other than the USA, as well as the USA, is likely to lead the USA and others into conflicts and would, if left unattended, bankrupt his country by following simplistic "man on the street common-sense" policies while at the same time focusing on grabbing as much coverage as possible, and feasibly grabbing the "family silver" at the same time.

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One day,  quite soon, uTrump will be given to anyone that wants it. You just have to ask me, and you shall  receive. 

At that time, I will get uTrump listed on an exchange. 

I will set up a giveaway system here on


  1. Leave the federal minimum wage at $7.25 per hour, which is already too high
  2. Raise the federal minimum wage to $10 per hour, as $7.25 is too low and “the minimum wage has to go up.”


As was clear to see during the past weeks, Russia helped vilify Hillary with Trump's full support, or so the FBI think. It is called collusion and Trump and his goons are being investigated.

So Russia, led by Putin, effectively "own" the US President (IQ 120).

You have to laugh.

Ha Ha.

The Trump Shit Colour [Color] Palette

The Trump columns and rows use "shit brown #7b5704" and "poop brown #593001."

This sentence is written in shit brown.

The Trump palette uses a careful blend of "shit brown #7b5704", "poop brown #593001", "shit #7f5f00" and"poo brown #886001"

This whole paragraph is written partly in all the shit tones used in the
palette plus "puke brown #947706", which I have just used on "Trump's" name.

The Trump Shit Palette from left to right: shit brown #7b5704; poop brown #593001; shit #7f500; poo brown #886001; puke brown #947706